Thursday, 14 February 2013


Valentines outfit 


Rings Topshop

Oversized Jumper - Republic

Pandoras, Bracelet on left is republic

Ear cuff RIver island

Eating Healthy

PANDA nails


Valentines day


I hope everyone has had a LOVEly! day, Mine has been very productive! Well, I managed to leave the house at 2.30 in the afternoon. Being a singleton and missing the love of your life does not help on days like today. My mum and step dad must of felt bad with today being without Nick, They brought me roses! :) 

I felt quite lucky walking around cheltenham as for once the sun was out, Grabbed a hot chocolate and set off to explore Cheltenham by myself. 

I guess that is the joy of life, being independent and setting your own pace.

Going into shops I want to go in and doing things that I enjoy, After all in the end there is only you and you alone. So i classed today as taking care of the main person.

I would of loved to of spent the day with my friends dont get me wrong but when they live 200 miles away some times that can be a little hard. Moving somewhere new is a little hard. 

Especially when you know no one. 

So anyway, As a 20 year old I do feel very lucky to live in the area that I do. Its lovely and over looks the garden. and a second from the main city. I cant wait for the summer!! 

So with the new healthy eating scheme, comes retail therapy and I needed to do it today more than ever. 

Got a cheeky hat! On sale at Republic! 

Got some gorgeous bath bombs at LUSH!

My haul from today! Notice all the sale bits! 

And of course, I treated myself to chocolate and It isn't the same as when you get given them I know. But it did the trick. And turns out I didn't fancy them anyway 


Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Being a hairdresser change was always easy for me growing up if it involved my hair, I changed colors more than the weather. And thats alot to say coming from horrible England.

Over the years I have been Crazy colors, normal colors and the WHY DID I DO THAT colors!

It is quite scary to see both hair colour changes, and the weight lose and gain you can see in my face. 

I personally, want to be with a weight I am comfortable with and hair I feel like me. 

And at the end of the day, if I dont like it I can always change it back.


wish me luck ;)