Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year!

Well let me first start off by wishing every one an amazing new year! 

At this current moment, it is 11.45 and I am blogging. Yes I am mad, however with everything that has happened at the moment home is the best place for me.

As many of you know If you ever read my previous blog, I was with Nick for 4 years and this would of been our fourth year together. However people change and people move on an he obviously did faster than me! However the whole fact is when I moved from Torquay to Norwich area, I shared his friends and I love both them and his family, So this new years with the awkwardness still in the air I am  at home!

One of my New years choices I will be making is to be more optimistic about life. Be a little bit happier always think of the glass half full not half empty. This is going to be the biggest change for me as I am known to be quite the pessimist!

Anyway Looking back on this year......

In the beginning of the year I had alot going for me,  I still do

I started up Lauren Gosling Hair, And I started renting a salon while doing freelance bridal hair around the norwich area. 

This was such a big move for me, from working full time employed. To making the jump and going out there in the world by myself. 

Here are a few of my favorite bridal hair I did in 2012. 

I love the fact I love my job, and hair is just my passion. I get to meet beautiful people inside and out from all corners of the globe. And I love the fact my job has given me the chance to do that. 

So, Always looking at the positives from now on. Something good did come out of 2012! Lets see what 2013 has to offer! 

I will let you all know my new choices not resolutions for the new year...Too much writing for one night!


Sunday, 30 December 2012

What's in my bag December 2012

Every girl contains the world in her bag , And with me I always believe the bigger the bag the better. 

But in my case I personally, like to be organized and because of that I carry too much around with me just for those incase moments. 

In case I need 2 deodorants, Or alot of paper, Or 5 hairbands. Silly I know!

I haven't shown everything in my bag, because lets face it, No one wants to see a boring pad of paper!

Bag on sale New look £15.99

The Things I couldn't live without

- Batiste Dry shampoo! The large can of course!
-My polar watch for walking!
-Keys for house and my car (always helps!)
-Nail file
-Ted Baker Large make up bag
-Ted Baker purse
-Red or Dead glasses, for driving!

-Ted Baker phone case! Matches the make up bag!
-Sure Deodorant
-Gift vouchers
-Hair clips and bands

What you cant see, 
- 2 pairs of earphones
-Pad of paper
-Countless number of Bobbi-Pins!
-Iphone charger

I always think when I go shopping, I will downsize the bag but if it doesn't fit my make up bag! Its a no-no unless its for an event Then I will make an exception.

Show us what you have in your bag?

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Winter days

So being sat at home watching the pouring rain, drinking tea and eating milky way buttons, while house searching is actually really  fun!

One thing I love to do in my spare time, and one thing I want to make a big new years resolution to fill my sundays, is to start doing more crafty DIY projects.

So with this whole moving thing I have going on, Im also having a clear out! Which may mean a blog sale!!

So I have alot of these clips, unfortunately they are not very well made and the backing which is flowers usually peels off within a week! (sigh) You can buy these each from New Look at 2.99 

With the clip, It being how it was, was a little too boring for me and I wanted to spruce it up a little!

In the end I only used up 2 nail varnishes , Nails inc A lovely pastel pink I got from InStyle magazine about 7 months ago an another Nails Inc a baby pink. 

I know your mostly likely thinking I am crazy using Nails Inc! 
However, with my collection I dont think this would effect it much! 

This will need about a good three coats all over, as you can see this is the first coat, and because of the base the colour will look a little patchy!

This after the second application..Starting to take shape!

After this I got the baby pink and carefully added dots, of all different sizes. 


De-Dar! The finished look! 

What do you think?

Friday, 28 December 2012

Outfit of the day

Outfit of the day

Today was quite a casual day for me, as I am saving every little penny I have for the house, There is really no point going out and spending money I dont have!

So todays look was very laid back, jeans and denim look, My hair was very laid back wavy and my make-up was very simple!

New look Denim top, Was £23.00 Now £13.00 on sale

The thing I love about Denim clothes, is the versatility. And the different ways you can wear the clothes. I got mine in a size above in a 14, as I personally love the oversized look. 

I have done my make up very natural today, I didn't use any blusher. No point slapping it all on If you are not going on. Saves your skin in the long run. So all I used was a little foundation, powder, pinky eyeshadow and flicked the edges with a little liquid eyeliner and then finished off with a eves rocher pink lipstick. 

On my ears, I actually have them pierced three times each. But just stuck with a little peachy heart on each ear. I got a set of six for 4.99 in New Look.

Hope you like todays outfit!! 

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Thursday finds...

So even though I didn't manage to actually get into the city... I did have some little finds that I brought today. 

As, Im moving into my own house. My second house since I left home. I have to start over again when me and my boyfriend spilt up. 

So This list Is mostly girly things clothes and house bits! 

New look SALE 6.00

New Look 3.99

TU at Tesco 4.00

TU at Tesco 2.00

TU at Tesco 4.00

New Look Oversized denim jacket SALE 13.00

New Look jumper SALE 7.00

Superdrug ! Baby wipes! an Essential! 

Babyliss Hairdryer - TESCO 10.00
Now mostly everyone I know knows I have the worst luck with hairdryers they just blow up on me. And with me spending ridiculous amount at the salon on hairdryers, I tend to get the cheap ones for me!! 


Pan set WILKO 3.50

TESCO SALE belt 3.00

STUDIO at Superdrug sale 3.99

Another essential Superdrug 8.00

Superdrug SALE 2.99

House things, wilko grater

Now Tesco had a deal on in December for every thirty pound you spend you get a voucher. And If you collect over 5 vouchers you get 85% off cutlery. 

So this four piece set I only got for a mere 5.00, when the original price was well over 50! CRAZY I think so!

More house essentials! 

Gorgeous Nina Ricci perfume SALE super-drug 15.00

LOVE bracelet on sale New Look 2.00

`I have far too much cutesy girly heart things in my house! Now adding this chopping board!

Tesco TU nighty set Bow bottoms only 6.00

And plain white top 5.00

Do any of you bloggers have your own house! Would love to see piccies! 

Enjoy x

Outfit of the day

Todays Outfit 

Hat - New look 
Scarf - New look 

GlossyBox find

Glossybox - Pink champagne

Bag - New look
Jumper New look
Leather Jacket New look

Shell Necklace  - Republic 
Small Necklace - My own charms 

Pandora Bracelet
Shamballa - River island 
Small doll bracelet - Topshop  

Make up used...

Glossy Box, Mac and Benefit.