Thursday, 27 December 2012

Thursday finds...

So even though I didn't manage to actually get into the city... I did have some little finds that I brought today. 

As, Im moving into my own house. My second house since I left home. I have to start over again when me and my boyfriend spilt up. 

So This list Is mostly girly things clothes and house bits! 

New look SALE 6.00

New Look 3.99

TU at Tesco 4.00

TU at Tesco 2.00

TU at Tesco 4.00

New Look Oversized denim jacket SALE 13.00

New Look jumper SALE 7.00

Superdrug ! Baby wipes! an Essential! 

Babyliss Hairdryer - TESCO 10.00
Now mostly everyone I know knows I have the worst luck with hairdryers they just blow up on me. And with me spending ridiculous amount at the salon on hairdryers, I tend to get the cheap ones for me!! 


Pan set WILKO 3.50

TESCO SALE belt 3.00

STUDIO at Superdrug sale 3.99

Another essential Superdrug 8.00

Superdrug SALE 2.99

House things, wilko grater

Now Tesco had a deal on in December for every thirty pound you spend you get a voucher. And If you collect over 5 vouchers you get 85% off cutlery. 

So this four piece set I only got for a mere 5.00, when the original price was well over 50! CRAZY I think so!

More house essentials! 

Gorgeous Nina Ricci perfume SALE super-drug 15.00

LOVE bracelet on sale New Look 2.00

`I have far too much cutesy girly heart things in my house! Now adding this chopping board!

Tesco TU nighty set Bow bottoms only 6.00

And plain white top 5.00

Do any of you bloggers have your own house! Would love to see piccies! 

Enjoy x

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  1. i am very jealous!! think ill have to go sale hunting now! great finds hun! x