Sunday, 30 December 2012

What's in my bag December 2012

Every girl contains the world in her bag , And with me I always believe the bigger the bag the better. 

But in my case I personally, like to be organized and because of that I carry too much around with me just for those incase moments. 

In case I need 2 deodorants, Or alot of paper, Or 5 hairbands. Silly I know!

I haven't shown everything in my bag, because lets face it, No one wants to see a boring pad of paper!

Bag on sale New look £15.99

The Things I couldn't live without

- Batiste Dry shampoo! The large can of course!
-My polar watch for walking!
-Keys for house and my car (always helps!)
-Nail file
-Ted Baker Large make up bag
-Ted Baker purse
-Red or Dead glasses, for driving!

-Ted Baker phone case! Matches the make up bag!
-Sure Deodorant
-Gift vouchers
-Hair clips and bands

What you cant see, 
- 2 pairs of earphones
-Pad of paper
-Countless number of Bobbi-Pins!
-Iphone charger

I always think when I go shopping, I will downsize the bag but if it doesn't fit my make up bag! Its a no-no unless its for an event Then I will make an exception.

Show us what you have in your bag?

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