Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My week away

I know this bog has not fully been about beauty, But I like it this way! A little blog about me, I have spent the whole of last week away down lovely sunny Torbay!

I finally met my four month old nephew Roo (Rueben) Very cute!

I hung out with the Lil dude that is Dylan! Best lil nephew ever!

And also spent time with the twin!! Mia do we look alike??

I did soo much more, and loved the time I spent down there!!

Ill be going back soon!!


wheres your favourite place to be? xx

Friday, 18 May 2012

May Nails

Gone for a very funky glittery pinky/purple!! xx

May pictures

Hello me'dears, been mega busy this week!!!
How have you all been ?

I will be on holiday for a week so it will be very quiet on my page :(
leave lovely comments to come back too, xx

I will leave you with a few weekly snaps!

Tan Line!!!

Roo's lil present!!

hot choccie :)

norfolk countryside

good food and my Nicholas :)

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Shopping trip!

I did some serious shopping, and Bargain hunting!! Us girls love nothing more than a sale or half price off tag.

Wedding hair accessorize, coin purse the usual blusher and powder! 

sandals, newlook

jewellery republic

jumper new look sale.

Bra set Newlook sale

All dresses New look

Republic top

more feather earrings, 

Shamballa braclet, scarf!

Did you get any good finds this weekend? 



One of my favourite shops emailed me saying they had a sale, and I couldn't resist a look!! 

Knowing I had a dinner to go too, I had to get at least one thing! How one thing turned into five I'll never know (hehe)

This all came to £60 with one item not on sale, Playsuit £25.00

plus next day delivery free on orders over £50.00


Thursday, 10 May 2012

Third anniversary

Today was a special day, Mine and Nicks Third year anniversary.

I have been at work till late, and I came home to this!!! What a lovely surprise!!

 Gorgeous bunch of flowers, A Love pandora charm and very heartfelt card :)

Me and Nick over the three year span, Through thick and thin. Still very much In love.
We are celebrating this weekend, he is taking me out to a very POSH restaurant, Then to watch a movie at the cinema on sunday with lots and lots of shopping!!!

excited much!!!! 


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Blog Awards

I know I am still getting the hang of all this blogging, So I was very excited to see that I have been nominated for an award, Gorgeous Emma from trulyoutrageous have nominated me for the versatile blogger award. 

The rules are;

1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who's blogs you enjoy the most
2. Let them know you nominated them
3. Share 7 random facts about you
4.Thank the blogger who nominated you(Already done) x
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award Picture to your post


Firstly, Emma trulytrulyoutrageous
2.   Marie from 2lookpretty.
3.Sarah from beautybysarahleanne
4.Jess from dreamscatchme
5.Emma from emma-daydreambeliever
6.Stacey from beautebelle
7.Amelia from ducklingtoswan

Please have a look and check out their blogs! 

Lastly, 5 random facts!

7.My feet are my best feature
6. As a kid my dress sense was referred to as Vivienne Westwood style ( Oh dear)
5. I was called Lucy when I first born
4.Been on weightwatchers for a whole year
3. VERY VERY clumsy
2.Dream Would be to eat cake all day, and not get fat (hehee)
1. I work way too much! 

Thank you girlies for being nominated.


Sunday, 6 May 2012

Marie Claire

If you can get hold a Junes 2012 marie claire, Buy one!.

If you're a lover of all things Body-shop you won't be disappointed.

It has a free lip/cheek stainer, this goes at £10.00 in the shop. Gives a lovely rosy very sun-kissed look on the cheeks, however it does come out very watery so be warned. On the lips it still has the liquidy consistency but gives more of a pinkier look suits pale and tanned complexions. 

Little hint ; Put it over pink/Red lippy lasts what feels like forever! 

Hope you all have a good bank hols!! xx

Weekly finds

I am not the only person who likes to find a bargain, the cheaper the better! On my recent town visits i have brought a few things.

These where a charity shop find, they are both quite large. Perfect for anyone who likes to organize things, Like me!! £7.00 for both!

Got this at my wholesalers trip, it's like Moroccan oil but doesn't feel very heavy on the hair which I find Moroccan does especially on fine hair like mine! 

Dove summer glow, This is the BEST product i have brought in a while. Apply in the morning and by the afternoon you have a sun-kissed tan, do apply quite fine! it will go blotchy :( £3.00 SAVERS!
Johnson's shower-gel and volumising mousse.

Pink flowers £2.00 new look, White flowers £5.00 new look.

All three came to about £10.00 Love barbara Dalys range of nail polishes, very soft matt finish. you can buy these from Tescos at about 4.50 each. Toma Krackle where £2.50 each. The colours lovely and bright and actually stays! I  will be Giving a Toma Krackle one away, along with a few other bits so keep your eyes peeled! x

I cant wait to go into the city next sunday, its mine and nicks anniversary so it will be a good day! 
And I am treating myself to a lot of pretty things as I have been working so hard lately. 

Will fill you in when that time comes!