Thursday, 10 May 2012

Third anniversary

Today was a special day, Mine and Nicks Third year anniversary.

I have been at work till late, and I came home to this!!! What a lovely surprise!!

 Gorgeous bunch of flowers, A Love pandora charm and very heartfelt card :)

Me and Nick over the three year span, Through thick and thin. Still very much In love.
We are celebrating this weekend, he is taking me out to a very POSH restaurant, Then to watch a movie at the cinema on sunday with lots and lots of shopping!!!

excited much!!!! 



  1. Congratulations! You's are so cute! The flowers are lovely :)

  2. Happy anniversary and congratulations! That charm looks beautiful, and hope you have a great day! Thanks for the blog award as well by the way :)

    Steph @ Stephie in Wonderland x