Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Daily life!

My outfit for this Wednesday!

Jacket - H&m
Scarf - Alexandra Mcqueen
Tee-Shirt - Tescos
Leggings - NewLook

Have you all had a busy week so far, Half way through! 
Been busy doing errands, and pampering myself having my nails done!

Being a hairdresser, Having nail varnish  on just does not stay on my nails, It lasts about a day if I am lucky. My friend suggested Gel Nail, which I love! doesn't chip and lasts around 4 weeks. 
But with my hands being in constant water it didn't give them them lasting shine, so me and my beautician decided to get the acrylic tip and acrylic gel then 2 coats of OPI gel colour.
Now finally, we had something that stayed!! 
So for the next two weeks I am sporting OPI GEL 
It's a very light pink with little bits of glitter to give it that extra shimmer! 
called Princess Rules.

Have you tried the gels? 

x Lauren x

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