Monday, 30 April 2012

April weekend

Hope everyone had a productive weekend, I however spent my day off with a challenge.
After nine tiring hours my sister (Jessica)  came to me with black hair and left with a gorgeous honey blonde.

1. What we originally started with, Very intense and very colored black hair! 

2. After the second strip, Bright orange and black at the ends of the hair.

3. Lastly the second bunch of all over highlights and a lovely colour all over. What a difference!!
Not a hint of orange to be seen!!
All professional colours too I will add! 

This is why I love my job! Doing hair is what i do!! 

The rest was filled with Dominos pizza, Brought 2 new DVDS. Hugo and One day! Hugo was a lovely film however very long so be prepared, One day i haven't watched yet! Now I wish I had a full weekend off and not one day :( 

What did everyone get up to on their weekend off? 



Saturday, 28 April 2012

Best dressed 2012


1.Kristen Stewart
Now a little too goth for my liking, she wasn't in the limelight until the Twilight movies. Her style has improved over the years from a grungy teenager to a glamourous red carpet beauty.

Before 2009  - After 2012

2. Emma Watson

All us British LOVE Emma Watson, myself mainly because of her pixie haircuts, others because of harry potter. 
For a 22 year old she has a classic, understated style. Who pulls off anything she wear! little jealous, I think so :(

        Before  2009 - After 2012

3. Victoria Beckham

With her classy chic style, And the mummy look down perfectly theres no reason to hate her, The dresses she designs are as much classy as the women herself.  

 Victoria and her designs.

Who do you think should of got first place? I would of liked alexa chung in the top ten! 

GLOSSYBOX April edition

Haven't we all just been waiting forever for our glossy boxes this month?
This is my fourth one now, and i'm as chuffed with it as ever!

This is more of an Organic, Natural products. Everything used in this box is against animal testing, and smells gorgeous!! 

This Balm is lovely, the texture is different from other balms I have used in the past, Personally i'm not very keen on the smell of this one, and the greasy feel on the lips. However for dry/cracked lips this is suitable if not I wouldn't bother :) 

I love love LOVE the smell of this! Very light on the skin and perfect to use in the shower :) leaves you feeling soft, and smelling gorgeous 

This is a perfect eyeliner, very smooth and easy to blend, and best of all very pigmented! prices range from £11.75

 Now this is something that I would think about buying in the future, It's not greasy doesn't feel heavy on the skin, it comes out in almost a watery milk consistency. The best thing about this product is leaves the skin feeling soft. And thats a big Yay in my books! 
£20.00 :) x

My least favourite, the smell is very potent and floral. But as it states the smell is different on everybody. Goes up to £66.00 

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Spring feathers

Out my VAST jewellery collection over a period of about 4 months I have collected quite a similar lot of feather earrings. All these range from Republic, Accessorize and New look.

With all the feather hair extensions in at the moment, all these earrings are very easy to get hold off. They look very classy if you have your hair pinned up, or casual if you wear your hair down.Prices rang from £3.50-£10.00 each. 

   There are a few i have my eye on at the moment ...

Miso Grecian Feather Earrings  - REPUBLIC


Metal Feather Chandelier Earrings - NEW LOOK

Metal Feather Chandelier Earrings - NEW LOOK


I have these all on my wish list!! I am thinking i might try the feather hair extension, would love to try green feathers, Would look good on bright red hair!! 
 What jewellery do you have most of? 
Lauren xx

Monday, 23 April 2012

My dressing table
After many searches both high and low I found the perfect table, now I do have a very quirky bedroom (by quirky i mean cottage) with red walls. So my ideal dream white dresser was out of the question. 
Instead, I found this little beaut from for about £189.00 

Elysee Dressing table 

Now, it's not finished just the start, still looking for brush holders and little things to make it complete and to make it my own. Will keep you all updated. 

Its not looking as colourful as I would like, Do you have a dresser, how do you organise it? 

Sunday, 22 April 2012

What's in my make-up bag?

We have all been there, tried and tested all kinds of foundations, primers, blushers and bronzers to match our skin tones.

I have a Favourite few of mine, being quite pale blusher is a must to me! Always having lipgloss and eyeliner in reach is also quite important.

Last year I decided as I was spending a lot on make up and products (we are all guilty of it) I needed a bag big enough to match. Now I do class myself as quite the bargain hunter, I found this beauty in House of Fraser in the Christmas sale! I had my eye on it before hand but forking out £55 was too much. So when it was reduced to £22.00 I couldn't resist!. 

This one as you can see I use everyday, it gives a rosy pinky colour and suits a more pale complexion.
The problem I find with some blushers is that you have to put a lot on the brush for it to actually show up, where as this is the complete opposite. Worth every penny!
At around £16 and over, Lasts about 4 months.

Chanel Compact Mirror
This was a stocking filler from my boyfriend! I had been searching in every Jarrolds store I could find for one of these. Every mirror comes with a sleeve to protect it in your make up bag, perfect if you have blusher and foundation brushes, as the colour doesn't rub off onto the mirror. The prices range about £30 and above. 

Eye Base and Light concealer
Babara Daly
This one was a bargain buy, I ran out and just so happened I was popping into Tescos and noticed this little beauty. It doubles as an extra light concealer and an eye base for eye liner and eye shadows, which is brilliant as it saves room in my make up bag. 
This was about £3.90

Benefit Get even powder 02
This Is a lovely powder, blends in lovely with the foundation and is brilliant well dry areas of skin. Perfect price at only £22.50 

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse - Nude 
This is a bargain at £6.99! Many stores such as Superdrug and Tesco's usually have an 3 for 2 offer so keep an eye out.
This foundation to me is one of the best, It blends in lovely and is so smooth on the skin,it has a soft silky consistency and lasts for hours. There are many different shades for every skin tone so theres a colour for everyone from very pale to bronzed olive tones. 

Clinique high impact mascara
This was a glossy box find, never have I before been very interested in Clinique, however this little sample mascara didn't clump of or bulk the eyelashes.
Im used to using only L'oreal mascaras but i will be switching now on! 
These mascaras are priced around £16.00 from Selfridges

MAC Eye kohl smolder 
This is a lovely pencil, very accurate with the lining of the eye. Blends in lovely with any eyeshadow at the corners of the eyes doesn't drag on the eyelids. It's a more charcoal black, which is very pigmented, and for me it never seems to run out!! 
About £11 and over depending on where you shop. 

Liquid eyeliner
Topshop Magic liner 
Out of every MAC, benefit, L'oreal and so on every brand of eye liner I have used never lasts! And when your working long hours you NEED something that lasts. I brought a few things from topshop to try them out and oh! I am pleased. This eyeliner is long lasting, no smudging, very accurate with the lines and flicks. With a pointed tip and pen like appearance don't be fooled this works wonders! £8.00 for one!

Sorry this is a Loooong post! Just goes to show how much i Love makeup! x
 Whats your favourite bits in your make up bags?

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