Sunday, 6 May 2012

Weekly finds

I am not the only person who likes to find a bargain, the cheaper the better! On my recent town visits i have brought a few things.

These where a charity shop find, they are both quite large. Perfect for anyone who likes to organize things, Like me!! £7.00 for both!

Got this at my wholesalers trip, it's like Moroccan oil but doesn't feel very heavy on the hair which I find Moroccan does especially on fine hair like mine! 

Dove summer glow, This is the BEST product i have brought in a while. Apply in the morning and by the afternoon you have a sun-kissed tan, do apply quite fine! it will go blotchy :( £3.00 SAVERS!
Johnson's shower-gel and volumising mousse.

Pink flowers £2.00 new look, White flowers £5.00 new look.

All three came to about £10.00 Love barbara Dalys range of nail polishes, very soft matt finish. you can buy these from Tescos at about 4.50 each. Toma Krackle where £2.50 each. The colours lovely and bright and actually stays! I  will be Giving a Toma Krackle one away, along with a few other bits so keep your eyes peeled! x

I cant wait to go into the city next sunday, its mine and nicks anniversary so it will be a good day! 
And I am treating myself to a lot of pretty things as I have been working so hard lately. 

Will fill you in when that time comes! 

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