Friday, 28 December 2012

Outfit of the day

Outfit of the day

Today was quite a casual day for me, as I am saving every little penny I have for the house, There is really no point going out and spending money I dont have!

So todays look was very laid back, jeans and denim look, My hair was very laid back wavy and my make-up was very simple!

New look Denim top, Was £23.00 Now £13.00 on sale

The thing I love about Denim clothes, is the versatility. And the different ways you can wear the clothes. I got mine in a size above in a 14, as I personally love the oversized look. 

I have done my make up very natural today, I didn't use any blusher. No point slapping it all on If you are not going on. Saves your skin in the long run. So all I used was a little foundation, powder, pinky eyeshadow and flicked the edges with a little liquid eyeliner and then finished off with a eves rocher pink lipstick. 

On my ears, I actually have them pierced three times each. But just stuck with a little peachy heart on each ear. I got a set of six for 4.99 in New Look.

Hope you like todays outfit!! 

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