Tuesday, 5 June 2012

My favorite summer products of 2012

My favorite summer products of 2012

Now most of our all time favorite on here I have found!
Dry shampoo.

As my colour is rather bright every-time I wash my hair is fades more and more, and having very fine hair I tend to wash it daily. Now in the summer with the sunlight it fades even more. So to split my hair washing days I use dry shampoo, just spritz a little at the roots and rub in to get rid of that greasy look or even to get rid of the softness, This product can also add texture to very flat life less hair. Plus I am a sucker for cute vintage looking products and the smell is delish! 

Boots around 3.99 

Now getting into the summer, the heat dries both out hair out and skin. Sometimes leaving us with very dry scalp. Can be used for holidays too, comes in a travel size. This product removes chlorine build up and body product build up. You use this product daily as a shampoo gives a protective veil against the sun, As the heat and oxygen fades and discolors any bright colour in the hair.
And me having red hair, having this is a must! 

This is a gorgeous spicy smelling scrub, then leaves skin feeling lovely and soft. Perfect for very dry dehydrated skin. I use this mostly on my face and just cleanses and really cleans insides the pores! Wash off with a wash flannel and baby soft, really good for even sensitive skin!
They do come at quite the price but It is worth it!

This was a glossy box find! Am still crazy in love with this product and the smell is gorgeous!I have used almost the whole thing but will be buying more when I run out. Being a hair stylist my hands and constantly dry and cracked and applying this daily helps, and I have a few clients comment on the smell. The size is just perfect to fit in any handbag! 

As far as tanning products go this is by far the best, both me and all my clients in the salon are fans off this product. It gives a lovely summer glow without the blotchy streaky look many other tanning products give. I find this works best if you are very pale and fair skinned. It is a brilliant price! And If you have a Savers near you, you can pick this up for around 2.99.  

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  1. I can't live without dry shampoo! xo