Sunday, 3 June 2012

wedding hair summer 2012

I have been so busy lately with wedding hair and soon to be formal prom hair ( End of june time! ) 
Thought I would share a couple of hair styles with you.

Mostly the theme for the summer weddings this year is very casual, curls up and loose. No sleek curls or very harsh off the face hair ups. 

Wedding hair trial, vintage style. 

This client had very long hair, curled all of it then added extensions to bulk around the front.
backcombing at the crown, and twisting curling the rest of the hair in.

Simple hair up, front section into a ponytail. Then twisted the hair going from left to right adding sections. Then with the left over hair rolling into barrel curls.

Colour by me - hair up charlie
Such a lovely client, this was for a ball. Put some lovely ashy blondes in there and curling and twisting the hair. with the blonde gives a lovely casual look. 

I will be posting another blog on braids and plaits soon!! 

Lauren x


  1. Wow. They're all fantastic. Very talented :)

  2. I love the last blondes! Beautifulll :)

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