Sunday, 1 July 2012

20 birthday

What a week it has been, I handed in my notice at my job(manager was horrible) And was offered another one! Basically a job where I am my own boss!!! And even thou my birthday was ruined my some of those girls! My boyfriend made it up to me, and took me for good retail therapy! 

Here are my finds! 

Topshop cuff earings 8.50

Topshop 3 for 10.00

Nail laquer 5.00 earings 3.50

Topshop coin purse 5.00

Topshop shoes 18.00

Ted Baker Make up bag 25.00

Plain vest Topshop 12.00

Present Pandora charm butterfly

Bag John lewis

Topshop shoes 

Topshop ring 4.00

Techniques blusher brush 12.99

That isnt all just an update!!!,We went out and had a gorgeous lunch at a little cafe! 
I cant wait to spend my 20th birthday down south with my friends and family :)



  1. Happy birthday! I'm sure the girls were jealous that the attention was on you and not them. Aww glad you had a good time, I love the bag from John Lewis.

  2. Love the ted baker make up bag! so cute c