Saturday, 19 January 2013

Funky zebra nails

Superdrug on sale 99p

I have never actually tried stick on nails, I have Minx on my toes occasionally which is the professional version, but WOW was I amazed by these! So simply and so easy to put on! Just a little tip! Do not put them on before a hot shower!!

Old nail polish removed and nails filed.

Simply pick the size of the nail and apply the sticker on to the nail. Press down using the cuticle stick to  secure the sticker on to the nail.

Fold the sticker over the nail, using the nail file which comes with the packet, file off the bits that are too long. 

And the final result!!! Looks very clean and shiny! Will just have to see how long they last! But over all a bargain for 99p!!

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