Friday, 25 January 2013

Scariest Moment of my life.

I think we all have moments like this, some point in our life.

Mine was today, The weather in cheltenham hasn't been that great, Heavy snow, freezing temperatures and dull skies. 

This was on the way to the yard to do the horses like 2 hours later driving In the dark in heavy snow down a steep hill, we saw a car stuck in the snow bank and martin to avoid it skidded on the ice the shogan did a full 180 and went straight back into the end of the car, luckily the two guys where out of the car I've never Been so petrified in my whole life! Thought the car was going to topple over going round in circles on the Ice on a steep hill. The shogan is a little worse for wear but the golf gti the whole back of it is smashed in, so all this happened while it was pitch black and heavy snowing .All because they where avoiding a walker going up the hill to see if it was safe for his daughter to drive up. I'm cold tired and just want to sleep, and so thankful no one was hurt!

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