Monday, 7 January 2013

January, Buying for the house!

Buying for the house in JANUARY

Now with money being as tight as it ever has been, and this sudden break up I am all of a sudden having to find myself making lists! So many Lists! Lists about renting, housing, jobs, salons, the pro and cons, Lists on Nick, Lists on everything happening in my life.

Some people just get on and deal with it, I write a billion lists plan and organize. 

So with the sudden going away for a week to clear my head and to realize where I want to live in England, If i want to find another salon and what to do about my best friend Nick.

I have been finding little treasures, As I would like to call them.

I found some Jasper Conran Pj bottoms and top for both £20.00, the material is so smooth and not too tight which is important when choosing Pajamas 

The thing I love most, is finding the little quirky shops in the back alleys full of little things! I got the owl for £5.00 to hang on the doorhandle! how cute?

This was an interesting find, In Sainsburys for £8.00. It was the last on the shelf and that made me want it more!

This is a soap holder for the bathroom, or somewhere to put flannels. This is a debenhams find and with the 20% discount currently in store instead of the £8.00 it was only £6.40 

Now I love a good bargain, This is REAL bone china and at the original price from 110.00 to a incredible £6.50 for 12 pieces! 

Another Debenhams, £50.00 down to £25.00! first ever iron!! of my own!! 

And some cute little wooden heart coasters 10.00

I will be buying more in the upcoming weeks, before I move in! 

Im excited to see what it will be like when everything is in! xxxx

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