Saturday, 19 January 2013

New year new place

It is crazy to think what has happened this year, me an Nick broke up I lost both my house and job and car.The saying it doesn't rain it pours comes to mind at times like these.

So with it being nearly 50 days since me and Nick spilt up, Seems when it is true love things dont get any better. The whole fact he has completely moved on kills me enough and the fact I still miss him hurts. 

Everyone has used the saying oh you will feel better with time, and you will move on. So far it isn't true  I am waiting for the day when I wake up to look beside me to see if he is there, I guess that is what you get after 4 years of being with each other. 

I think It is worse when being so long with someone in a relationship you plan things, both children and buying a house. 

I guess It hurts to see that one guy you love and still care about want to find someone else. 

so to sum it up, I love him and miss him like crazy and with us not talking I feel like I am going mad?!


Anyway, Bad news over Here is the good!!


And, It is gorgeous!!!!!!

SO another big news!!


I am so excited and glad finally in the last couple months some good has come out of the bad! I pick my keys up on the 28 Th. of january and excited to finally be more independent and do my place how I like it!!

After living with a boy for four years!! 

I need the change.

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